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Women's and Children's Hospital - Meet The Lizard

Arts Excentrix was commissioned by the Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide to create an artwork specifically designed to raise the awareness of the experiences of children with visual impairment and improve their Hospital experience. The 2.4 metre long glass and ceramic Australian monitor lizard was created to be touched and experienced through the hands. While its sensuous form is visually appealing, its main attraction is the invitation to feel its textures and changes of temperature between materials and to follow its contours along its length.

The lizard can be viewed and touched at the Main Building, Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital, ground floor. Ask at the Information Desk for directions.

The Arts Excentrix artists who created this lizard are Lynn Elzinga-Henry, Anni Luur Fox and Suzi Windram.

The project was organised and funded by the Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation in collaboration with the Blind Sporting Council and the Women's and Children's Health Network.


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