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Suzi Windram














I have worked as a ceramist and mixed media artist for the last twenty years. Glass was an obvious extension to my repertoire. A decade ago I extended my studio work to collaborate, consult and work on art projects within a public art and community context. I have continued my studio work on exhibition pieces to pursue my deep interest in art as a basis for exploring myth and mystery through the medium of clay and mixed media. In this work I am less interested in the formal pursuit of technique than exploring the capability of clay to communicate the complexity of human experience.

I have worked for many years as a member of a team with Anni Luur Fox and Lynn Elzinga Henry to produce public art works that are strongly responsive to the site and to the community for which it was commissioned.

The respectful and dynamic collaborative approach within Arts Excentrix is the reason this organization has endured. The members continue to support each other to extend and explore new and exciting possibilities and to bring them back to share with the group to renew and invigorate.

I am currently co artistic director of Arts Excentrix with Lynn Elzinga Henry.


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