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Sezu Music


41 Conrad Rd Longwood S.A. 5153


phone 08 8388 5592

mobile 0435 081 756


ABN  25 143 961 923


Sezu Music is a music and performing arts provider based in the Adelaide Hills.


Sezu Music runs an Arts in Schools program, provides community music workshops, specialist percussion teaching and world music performance with groups ranging from a single performer to a quartet.


Instruments include, Didgeridoo, Kora, Congas, Djembe, Celtic Whistle, Fiddle, Keyboard and Guitar


Sezu Music is a provider of musical entertainment and music education services.


In the past Sezu Music has performed in a wide variety of venues, on the village green for the Heysen Festival at Hahndorf, in lounge rooms or gardens for family celebrations, at Art exhibitions and for Dance performances.


Sezu Music is not easily categorized into any existing music genre. The instruments used come from a wide variety of cultures and include the Didgeridoo, the  Humdrum (a modern instrument based on the Mayan tongue drum), the Ocarina, the D'Jembe drum from West Africa, the Kora or West African Harp, the Harmonic Flute, the Penny Whistle, the Xylophone and Keyboard. The music cannot be classed as World Music as none of the musicians have their musical roots in any non-western culture. It is however music that stirs the heart and touches the soul.


Sezu Music also provides music workshops. These include "The Drumming Circle" and "Musical Toys". In the drumming circle participants learn, in a very short time to make energetic and invigorating music on hand made African style drums. In the Musical Toys workshops participants enjoy playing and having fun with a wide range of easy to play instruments from a variety of cultures.


Cost of Performance: $150 per musician.


Cost of Workshops:Tutors fee: $200 half day, $350 full day, plus travel @ 70c / km,



The Drumming Circle


For many years now Andrew McNicol has run African style drumming workshops for schools, community organisations and at the Cheese Factory Gallery in Meadows for Tribal Instruments Australia.


The Drumming Circle provides participants with the opportunity to enjoy a joyous non-threatening musical experience even though they might have an image of themselves as completely unmusical.


It also provides an opportunity for the development of important social / emotional skills such as team building and learning to listen to others. It provides participants with an experience of a high level of shared achievement in a very short space of time.


African Drumming involves layering rhythms one upon the other. Participants are taught parts and then required to hold one part against several others. This requires a well developed sense of self, we refer to it as musical muscle.


As the workshop progresses participants may develop the skill of playing one part whilst listening in turn to several others that contribute to the overall piece. They experience the process of building the whole from the many in a fun filled and relaxed environment.


Andrew has used the Drumming Circle in schools, teaching disadvantaged children with learning difficulties or those lacking social skills to great effect. The determination to "get it right" and to contribute to a collective enterprise provides the motivation for them to overcome their lack of confidence.


The adult learners in Andrew's workshops at the Cheese Factory Gallery find the experience energizing and empowering. For many of the participants the learning is so different from their daily working lives that it provides a balance, an outlet.


Community Drumming workshops run by Andrew have given rise to regional performing groups such as Baroomba in Goolwa and Jembassa in McLaren Vale.


Costs: Tutors Fee: $350 per day.         Travel: 70c per km.

Accommodation: may be required to be provided for sites over 100km from the Adelaide Hills.

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