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Suzi Windram

Attended Jazz classes with Gillian Millard in the early eighties. Trained with Elizabeth Dalman in the later part of the eighties culminating in performances in the Italian Festival and Scangiarusca for the 1988 Fringe Festival as a founding member of the newly formed Dance Excentrix.


Suzi has gone on to become Co Artistic Director of Arts Excentrix (Formerly Dance Excentrix) She has created many choreographic works for the group of dancers that still perform under the name of Dance Excentrix.


Suzi holds regular classes at the Hahndorf Institute that are designed to suit people of any age or experience. 


As both a dancer and visual artist Suzi finds that these disciplines inform and influence each other. Her ceramic work has a great sense of movement and her choreography shows an understanding of the importance of stillness.


In both media Suzi is driven by a desire to explore and communicate perceptions and ideas that are difficult to express through everyday language.

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