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Jenny Bolto

As a child I danced. As a teenager I did some classical ballet training. As a mother I danced too but nothing organised. Then I discovered Dance Excentrix (now Arts Excentrix). I could involve myself more in my favourite thing. I particularly enjoyed contemporary dance with Andrew McNicol. Also, creative dance and the associated choreography. I have been involved in classes and workshops for disadvantaged, disabled and older people. I’ve also enjoyed Flamenco dance with Liana Vargas.

Much like my other fascination, art (as in painting), choreography in dance enables me to express myself through the medium and I believe the two complement each other beautifully.  

I believe dance is universal and transcends all cultures and races. Men and women have always danced. It can be primitive, ritualistic, cultural, social and spiritual. It can be magical, spectacular or just basic. It can be recreation, communication or salvation. Children dance, old people dance. It’s good for the mind and body and uplifts the spirit.

It’s a beautiful union of movement and music.  

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