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Jenny Bolto

Art of all types has always been a fascination of mine from dance and music as a child to fashion, painting, poetry and dance as an adult.


Over the years I have had experience with a number of different art teachers. I have produced works in all mediums including oil, water colour, pastel and more recently, acrylic.


My paintings are expressions of nature, energy and light, combining the earthly with the ethereal.


I have enjoyed participating in many exhibitions, including those involved with Arts Excentrix.    

   Examples of Jenny's art works can be seen below:

                (Not necessarily to scale)

             The Vase   

                    Pastel 750 x 900


                    Wings Under the Sun

                     Pastel 650 x 750


       Colour Your World 2

 Acrylic on Canvas 300 x 300


          Colour Your World 3

    Acrylic on Canvas  300 x 300


         Autumn Rain

        Acrylic on Canvas 560 x 900



                Acrylic on Canvas 560 x 900

                            $490 Sold

                At The Edge

        Acrylic on Canvas 520 x 650


         At The Edge 2

   Acrylic on Canvas 520 x 650


            Colour Your World 4

      Acrylic on Canvas 300 x 300


        Colour Your World 5

   Acrylic on Canvas 300 x300                          $220

          Colour Your World 6

           Acrylic on Canvas


                       Colour my Dreams


Colour me softer than butterfly wings

Colour me bright as day

Let me entwine with colours that rhyme

Before I fade away


Paint me deep as a memory

Wash me pale as a tear

Blend me the colours of evening

Before I disappear


Surround me with fragments of sunshine

So no sinister hues appear

No menacing apparitions

That colour dreams with fear


Imagine the colour of music

And the movement of whirling feet

Paint me the sounds of a symphony

Before I must retreat         


By Jenny Bolto

                                 The Tulip

                       Pastel       680 x 900



     Acrylic on Canvas 460 x 920


                     Laratinga Wetlands

                   Pastel       690x 940 


              Autumn in Bridgewater

               Pastel   690 x 940


                 Sunrise on The Murray

                 Pastel      620 x 900


      Storm over Port Willunga

         Pastel    620 x  900

                   $490 Sold

            Near Mt Barker Summit

               Pastel     750 x 940


        Mount Barker from Shady Grove Road

                 Pastel     750 x 940


                       Magic Happens

          Acrylic on Canvas  560 x 910


             Five Mile Beach, Wilsons Promontory

                    Pastel        750 x 990


               Formal Gathering

         Acrylic on Canvas 560 x 760


            Blue Mood

Acrylic on Canvas 300 x 600


       The Elusive Now

I dared to touch it with my hand

At once it wasn’t here

It instantly was in the past

Was in another sphere


I reached into the future

To see if it was there

There was a lock upon the door

To find the key – so rare.


I thought that it had come to me

I tried to hold it still,

But it had fluttered through my hands

The endless past to fill.


Where is this vanished piece of time?

How can we hold it near?

I have decided in my mind,

That now is never here.


And so, if now has never been

and past has disappeared

and future time untouchable

I wonder if I’m here.

           Jenny Bolto


                           Pastel      750 x 750


Solitaire 2.jpeg

Pastel $450

  Solitaire 2
Pastel $450

River Murray Abstract
Acrylic on Canvas $390


   Outback After Rain
Acrylic on Canvas $390

If you have any questions in relation to Jenny's art works, please contact her on:

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