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Janette Booth-Remmers

My love for dance was well established by the age of 3 years when I would accompany my mother to the suburban ballet school which she ran in Melbourne.  My mother was trained in RAD Ballet and danced during the 2nd World War for soldiers on R&R leave in Melbourne.  Her stories and photos from that time plus all the costumes that she owned fired my imagination and fuelled my desire to dance.  I continued ballet studies, dancing 2-3 times per week and performing at concerts, public events and in competitions throughout my childhood into early adulthood. 

My return to dance as a mature adult, mother of 5 children, occurred in 1997 when I discovered Dance Excentrix after moving from Victoria to live in the Adelaide Hills.  To be able to dance again, learning new skills and entering the world of contemporary dance has been exciting, fulfilling and challenging.  To add to my immersion in the dance world of Adelaide, one of my sons has also been captured by the love of dance and works full time as a freelance dancer and choreographer.  Utter joy fills my heart when I have the opportunity to watch him dance!

 So dance has always been there, and I feel blessed that it continues to be a part of my life. I intend to keep dancing as long as I can stand upright; just as my mother did.

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