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Garden of Excentrix

On Sunday 9th November 2014, Arts Excentrix presented an afternoon of music, performance and visual arts in 1 Hectare of gardens at Crafers.

On a beautiful spring day in the Adelaide Hills music was performed in various parts of the garden, dance was performed and a visual arts exhibition was presented in the studio.

The event was designed to showcase Adelaide musicians and performers, to engage the community in a Hills event. Arts Excentrix have been creating events for the Hills Community for over 30 years, and this particular event was supported by the Adelaide Hills Council and the Striling Business Association.

63 people were involved in the Garden of Excentrix, including 53 musicians and performers - creating a memorable and beautiful experience for the large number of people that attended.


The Garden Entrance

The Piazza

Andrew McNicol

Anya Anastasia


Dance Excentrix

Andrew McNicol & OYE

Dance Excentrix

Baker Suite

Lynn Elzinga-Henry's Studio

MC - Glen

Heathfield High School Swing Band

Anya Anastasia

Akoustic Odyssey

...happy gardeners...

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